Myths about High-Speed Internet

We are constantly chasing speed in today’s connected world, with new pieces of technology and service providers promising us the fastest internet speed for our devices. But with all the focus and conversation about speed, there’s bound to be a few myths about the best ways to get that high speed.

In order to make sure you don’t spend time going slow, we’re going to breeze by a few myths to get you the best speed possible.

First, is the myth of dial-up internet. Dial-up isn’t commonly used since it uses your phone line and service provider to give you internet. For those who do use it, many of them opt for high-speed dial up to increase internet speed. While high-speed dial-up is beneficial, it doesn’t increase your speed. High-speed Dial up allows you to get to webpages faster by compressing data, but your connection speed is the same.

Next, look for a modern computer. While some people buy an older computer because they only need it for a few tasks, the speed is dependent on your machine. Try to play a newer videogame on an older computer and you’ll instantly see lag and frame rate drops. The internet is that way too, and if you use an older computer, then you won’t be able to access things as fast as those with newer machines.

broadband power dividers

Finally, some people think they don’t need a router, and that isn’t true. Much like broadband power dividers, routers route the speed and internet traffic from the outside world to your computer. They let certain things in and keep viruses and other problems out. Routers can also help you connect your phone to your computer or your TV to your phone, so they come with a lot of speed and several benefits.