How to Expand the Lifetime of Your Washer & Dryer

Your washing machine and dryer are two of the most important appliances in the home. The average household does over 7 loads of laundry every week. Without machines to handle this need, washing and drying so many clothes can be a burden. If you want to ensure that isn’t a concern you face, take care of your washing machine and dryer with the tips below. This information can help you expand the lifetime of the appliances, offering as long as a decade of use as result.

washer and dryer parts

Do Not Overfill Your Machine

Overfilling the washing machine is a bad idea that can cause significant damage to the machine and it doesn’t take long for the damage to occur. Just because the machine is large enough to hold all sorts of items is not an indication that you should fill it to the top. The drum inside the machine may become lopsided if its overfilled, resulting in broken components.

Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Overusing detergent in a single load of clothes in the washing machine can affect the reservoir in the machine, ultimately affecting the motor in the machine. A shortage can also result from using too much detergent. Follow the instructions and use the proper amount of detergent.

Clean the Lint Tray

Clean the lint tray after each dryer use. The lint build up in the dryer vent causes a fire risk but it also damages the unit and wears down its life expectancy. Dirty lint trays also cause the dryer to work harder to dry the clothes, thus making it less efficient.

Clean the Vent Hoses

If there isn’t a vent hose already connected to the dryer, it’s time to add one as soon as possible. Make sure this vent is regularly cleaned, which reduces the risks of free as well as damage to the dryer.

If any problems occur with your washing machine or dryer, don’t wait to find the right washer and dryer parts to make repairs. The longer the damage persists, the worse it becomes. Don’t allow this to happen when it’s so easy to prevent mishaps.