When it comes to running a live event it is important that you create the perfect atmosphere and maintain that feeling throughout.  This is why it is important to have the right stage lights nashville and sound equipment ready and working.

More often than not those who are running concerts don’t have the budget to hire professional stage hands and companies that have the proper equipment to put on a good show.  In fact, the majority of those running events do it out of a bar or other enclosed space in the hopes of selling more beverages.  This is not the right attitude to have.  When it comes to running a show you need to make sure each part is perfect.

Having bad lighting

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When we watch a move that has bad lighting most of us will lose our interest fairly quickly.  The same goes for live events.  If the lighting is not top notch then people will lose interest and want a refund. When deciding on your lighting you want to emphasize specific features.  First off you want to have enough lighting to ensure people are safe and not knocking into each other.  The last thing we want are injuries.

Next you want subtle accent lighting.  This lighting will be soft and inviting.  Having harsh blinding light will not be appropriate for live events.  And finally you don’t want such blinding or compact lights that they heat up the air causing your guests to be uncomfortable.

Art and Magic

When it comes to setting up lighting displays it is more an art than magic.  It takes years of training, experience and overall commitment to master the power of lighting.  For those who get it right the effects they create will be memorable.  For those who don’t and get it wrong, the event will be memorable but not for the good reasons.  So master lighting, it is your friend.